Thursday, May 14, 2015

Detering Nature Preserve- Walk Thru Summer

We ventured back to the woods for our walk this week.  Detering Nature Preserve in Kendallville and one we hadn't been to before.  We've driven by it many times, but hadn't had the chance to actually stop and explore.   The trail at this park is really nice with both rustic dirt and grassy trails.  It isn't so full of trees that the sunlight couldn't shine through, making our walk and warmly lit one by the sun.  

This park also was full of great flowers and natural elements.  Alegra loves capturing things in nature, so sometimes I have to dwindle the pictures down to the few good ones, but it's such a hard job since she takes such nice pics.  None of these pictures of edited in any way.  Her skills are at work here. :)

 One of our favorites, the Jack-in-the-Pulpit.

 We saw some big and little butterflies.  We also saw a new one that was blue, but she could'nt get a picture of it.

We enjoyed the walk with my mom.  It's always nice to have someone walking with me since the other children seem to take off on ahead to check things out.  Towards the beginning of the trail they did that and stumbled upon a snake.  I think they thought maybe they'd stick closer to us, but that didn't last long as there were adventures to be had.

A lovely spot on the lake made for a nice resting spot.  

 And we can't forget about that cute, little Saphira.  Alegra's camera always seems to have tons of pictures of her littlest sister.  :)

Today's walk was a test really.  I was having problems with some major pain in my pelvic area with this pregnancy.  Walking seemed to irritate it and even doing just normal things around the house seemed to wipe me out in pain.  There was part of me that worried that I would be dealing with it the rest of this pregnancy, but was determined to just keep going and figure out little by little what would be okay for me to do and not okay.  After babying myself for a couple weeks, the pain is all gone.  The walk today was to see how I would do.  No pain during or after the walk.  Major improvement.  Now the allergies kicking in in this pollen infested woods is another story. :)  But I can sneeze and not feel like I'm going to lose all my innards from the pain.  That's a good thing.  ;)

So, I am thankful to be improving and to know that the rest of this pregnancy can be normal and that I don't have to sit on the couch every day doing nothing.  There is way too much to do to not be able to get up move like I need to.  Thank you to those of you who were praying for me.  Prayers answered, and I'm very thankful!  Let the walking resume!!!