Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Having A Newborn Again

Our little Hadassah Faith is growing.  She was over her birth weight at her week check up.  I must make good milk.  :)  Alegra has had some fun taking her pictures.  All the children have enjoyed holding her.  And me, the mom, well I just can't believe I have a newborn again and really miss my sleep though I'm not lacking terribly.  What am I loving the most?  I love how when she's fussing and I hold her on my shoulder, she somehow wiggles her way so her face is snuggled right into my neck.  Last night while I was trying to get her to stop crying and go to sleep, she did just that move and sent this mom into tears at how precious it is.  Just to be close to the one she has spent the last 9 months with, she snuggles in as close as possible.  I love it!

Saphira calls her "my girl baby".  And she isn't everyone's "girl baby".  Just her's.  I'm pretty sure I worked the hardest for the title of her being "my girl baby", but it sure is cute that she refers to her that way.  She also calls her Miss Dassah Fake.  I have a feeling Hadassah is going to be just like her big sister and be just as cute.  We always have room for more cuteness around here.

This week is the Feast of Tabernacles.  We've ventured out a couple times and haven't done too bad.  She has slept mostly, so that's nice.  Our van is filled to capacity, and we rather enjoy that.  How did we get from high school sweet hearts to 6 children and 18 years of marriage?  Amazing!  I know how we got here, but that's a long story in itself.  :)  I'm just thankful that we are here, growing and living life together.  One more child to add to our brigade.  Marching onward!


Ireena said...

So sweet! Sister love!
But I do remember she did work too, not as hard as you did, but she did have a job too! ;)