Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nautical Theme Baby Celebration

It is a blessing to have close friends.  It's also a blessing to have close friends that are sharing in the same precious moments in life as my own family.  Two of my close friends are either pregnant for or have just had baby number 6.  It only made sense that we should do a small, combined Celebration for us ladies who are entering motherhood with 6 children.  Two of us are still waiting the arrivals of our babies, but one has already entered into that phase of caring for a 6th child.  

With many different things to share that goes along with the nautical theme, the evening was quite a blessing.  We were missing a couple ladies, including one of the moms who was having contractions and just couldn't make it out.  She still waits and continues putting the final touches on growing that baby before she comes out.  

Those of us who did attend, were very much blessed by encouraging words, and the prayer at the end was also needed and so sincere.  I wish I had all the words written out that were shared.  Very uplifting during these days in our lives.  I threw the table decor together last minute as it looked like it was going to rain.  God was so good to give us an overcast sky, a very slight breeze, and we finished up before the skeeters came out.  It was a perfect evening to delight in my friends in my backyard with the presence of the Lord surrounding us.  Rejuvenating?  Yes!  What I needed?  Yes!

The above picture is what I made for each lady to take home as a reminder of the evening.  It proved to be completely from the Lord as this was the same idea that most of the ladies brought along with them to share.  The Father never ceases to amaze me as women share from their hearts and the theme of what is being said all goes together.  He is so good and faithful to give us what we need, right when we need it!  May you be blessed as you live out your days with purpose in your family, community, and around all people surrounding you.