Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jonathon is 40 and Baby #6 is a cutie!

 We had such a great weekend!  A birthday party in honor of Jonathon turning 40 started out the weekend and then the next morning we left to go visit my brother in Wisconsin.  Nothing like having a packed weekend full of family and friends!  We originally planned a snow fun day for families for Jonathon's party, but since we don't have snow, we changed up the activities.  While we waited for our guests to arrive, we enjoyed this little beauty of a baby.  I think you'll enjoy her too.  :)

Then the party started as guests arrived.  The children had a great time painting their own canvas picture.  We didn't have anything specific for them to paint, so there were some creative juices flowing with what they chose to do.

 The evening was supposed to be a family Dominoe Party, but after we ate the children went outside and had a great time playing tag, while the adults were all in good conversation.  I had a hard time breaking up all the fun going on, so we just kept it the way it was and continued visiting and the children stayed outside on into the dark.  After awhile they came in and divided up playing different games.

 We also had story time for the little ones while the older ones painted.  I read the story, The Mitten and gave each child a felt mitten with laminated animals to put in the mitten as we read them in the story.  I also had some face masks that they enjoyed wearing around.

His birthday is actually tomorrow, and we'll be happy to celebrate again.  We are truly thankful for him and all that he does for us.  He's a servant, hard worker, kind neighbor, thoughtful friend, loving husband, best Dad ever, a strong, spiritual head in our home, encourager, leader into heart felt worship and full of lots of humor to make everyone smile no matter the situation.  I'd say I'm blessed to have this guy in my life and if you know him, you are too.  :)