Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wisconsin Trip to end the year 2015

We left home not too early and made a quick trip to Wisconsin to spend time with my family.  I wasn't on camera duty much at all, so we didn't get too many pictures, but some fun moments were captured.  Upon arriving, the chore of gathering eggs was beginning, so some children and an adult went out to gather eggs while the rest of us cleared the table to get ready for cleaning.  They collect eggs for Tropical Traditions and send egg orders all over the country.  It's quite amazing how it all works.  
 Accidentally captured a Murphy child.  Clear to the right.  Their 3 year old, Konrad.
 Look at all those eggs!  The Monday collection was much bigger since we didn't do any on Sunday.  With all of our hands, we make short order of the job.

One of the perks of going is staying at a hotel with a pool.  We usually leave my brother's house around 8pm since they get up early in the mornings, and that gives my family time to swim and relax a little before we go to bed.  The pool water was especially warm this trip, so even the baby got to enjoy it.    
 The papa was on baby guard duty and football playing with the boys.  He has a rough job and the baby was slightly concerned if you couldn't tell.  :)

 Improved swimming skills is always a bonus.

 Doing some fun skills is fun too.

 This girl is a crack up!

Monday night we left Joshua's house before we were able to sit and eat supper with them.  The snow was coming down fast.  It started earlier in the day while we were at their school watching them practice their program.  The snow coming down was a little distracting for everyone.  The snow accumulated and it was a little icy, so by supper time, the guys both thought we should just get back to the hotel for the night.  The men got Subway, which was right next to the hotel, and after eating, some went swimming while some watched a football game.  Everyone did what they wanted and had a great evening of hanging out and relaxing.  And the baby was cute no matter what she was doing. :)

We arrived and there was no snow and left with an abundance of snow covering the ground.  Tuesday morning we got up, ate breakfast at the hotel, children swam, I did some laundry, and we packed up to make one last stop at my brother's house.  We got there right before the children came home for lunch, so we ate lunch, then hit the road for home.  We waited around long enough for roads to be all clear and our travels were great!
 The view from Joshua's house.  It is truly a beautiful location, nestled in between the hills. 
The drive home was just as delightful as the drive there.  It took a bit longer since we traveled with my parents and had to make a couple more stops, but everyone was happy and peaceful.  We are truly blessed to be able to go and to have family that we can spend time with.  More memories made and joy fills our hearts for each one of them.