Sunday, June 19, 2016

Shavuot- Pentecost 2016

Our family celebrates the feasts that are mentioned in the Scriptures, so our year of holidays looks different than most people.  Last weekend was one of our favorite feasts.  The fellowship in Sturgis, City on a Hill always puts on such a grand event filled with memories that last forever.  We always meet new people and get the chance to visit with old friends that we might see a couple times a year.  It's like a family reunion.  We love it!

 In the Old Testament, Shavuot was the first fruits of the barley harvest.  It was also when the law was given at Sinai.
 In the New Testament, Shavuot was when the Spirit poured out on the people.  We celebrate the Spirit as it gives us comfort, peace, and helps us along this walk.

We celebrate with music, some teaching, dance, and sweet fellowship with one another.

 Hands raised in worship and hearts dancing in praise.

 The teaching for the children is always captivating both for the children and adults.  :)

 This year there was a special dance and our girls were a part of it.  It was very beautiful!

 They do a reenactment of the barley harvest and the men offer up prayer towards the different directions.  It's always moving to see the men come together to do this and hear the prayers that are offered up.

 Men and boys.

After the service, we eat.  Everyone brings such delicious foods and there is never a shortage!  When all are done eating the festivities begin.  There are planned games and activities for the children and the youth.  It brings much laughter, fun, and hopefully some learning.  When it begins getting dark, the sky lanterns come out which is a favorite for everyone.  The fire can be seen as it floats across the sky.  Hopefully the fire of the Spirit can be seen by all around us no matter where we are.

 The evening gets wrapped up with a lovely display of fireworks.  The lawn fills with everyone visiting more, watching fireworks, echoing with their excitement over the sounds and sights in the sky, and beginning to get sleepy from the long and joy filled day.  Another Shavuot celebration that takes up a day and leaves us tired, yet full of something that we ponder on for days.  Are we truly filled with His Spirit?  Are we truly desiring more and more of it?  Are we welcoming it to move on our families and in our homes?  This has been my continued prayer for the last year.

Until next year, we will continue learning and growing.  We will surrender, so He can pour out on us what He desires us to be filled with.   Let it flood our every being and cause us to walk in a renewed way.

We are so thankful for His feasts and appointed times when we focus more on Him and each part of His purpose and plan.  They are a blessing indeed!