Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Alegra's Bat Shema Preparation and Decoration

We had a most lovely weekend with family and friends.  We spent most of the time preparing for Alegra's Bat Shema and then having a grand celebration with a lot of our friends and family.  We've had some questions of "what is a Bat Shema", so I'll try to explain it here.  If you look up a Bat Mitzvah, which is a jewish celebration, you'll see some similarities.  We wanted to put more focus on the blessings and Alegra speaking forth where she is at in her walk of faith.  A Bat Mitzvah is done at a certain age, but we wanted to wait until our children decide they are ready and take that step of choosing to believe in the God that we, their parents, believe in for themselves.  

We allowed Alegra to plan out most of her party, and we put together a ceremony that would best fit what we wanted to accomplish.  It turned out so beautiful!  This post is simply showing the decorations and prep time.  We'll get to guests and ceremony at a later time.  This mama only has time for so much.  :)

We hosted the celebration at The J Weaver Barn in Goshen, IN.  It proved to be a perfect location for what we needed.  

 My mom did the cake and it turned out so lovely.

 We had a fun game of photography for the guests to do.  It's been fun seeing the few pictures that others have taken of the day, though I hope we get more.

 Party favors of chocolate cameras that we made.

 Kitchen help taking care of food.  I sure couldn't have done it without you ladies!

 The cake turned out to be just what Alegra had wanted.  That girl was a little picky with cake. :)

 These two pictures were taken by a friend, Maxine.  Thank you for your contribution!

The prep work seemed to go quickly with all the extra hands that helped.  We appreciate each of you who allowed yourselves to serve our family in this way!