Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bixler Lake Park & Water Balloon Fight

We've had such wonderful weather for getting outside.  The pollen has been plentiful this year, but I'm managing to ignore it between sneezes and still enjoy the outdoors and get in some exercise out in the woods.   We invited my mom for our walk to help her keep moving to gear up for our hiking weekend coming up.  Bixler Lake Park in Kendallville, IN has a great loop with so many things to see and it's actually a full 3 miles.  We didnt' know that when we started.  By the end, we were all tired and hungry.  :)  Alegra took the pictures as usual and captured some great things in creation.  Oh, and we saw way too many snakes that even had me jumping around on the trail.  It might have been a little comical as I was telling everyone "Stay on the path people!  There's snakes everywhere!"

 Alegra spotted this moth grouping.  Beautiful, beautiful moths!

 And then the first snake sighting of the walk right underneath the moths in the water.  Yeah, as it slithered it's way over the bank where I was standing, that was my first time of jumping and running back to the path.  

 My littlest, beautiful butterfly!

 We took a break in the campground section of the trail to go potty and play on the playground.  It's about the halfway mark, so it makes it something for the children to look forward to doing.  
 He pretty much adds fun to whatever he does.  :)

 We had an I Spy Game of who could find the frog.  Then we realized there was more than one, so that added a little fun to the walk and helped us stop to see the green along the way.  

 Another snake at the distance they should stay at.....far away!

 One right by the trail.  No thank you!

After our hike, we went home and the children were wanting to have some water fun, but I just couldn't bring myself to getting the slip n slide out, so they had a water balloon fight.
 She loves being outside...and eating grass.  She has this srunchy nose face that she's been doing a lot.  I think it's a Murphy thing.   :)

Let the war begin!!

 And this describes this baby's life.  :)  She is loved dearly.  Or maybe it should say that she is loved a little roughly.  And this is classic of Benaiah with his shorts on backwards.  Some day he'll dress correctly. 

 These two are going to be such good friends.  I love seeing them interact with each other.  My how time changes so much.  

We sure have been loving the weather.  I'll be so very thankful when the pollen is less, but for now, I'm getting through the season and looking forward to less snot in the future.  :)  We've had some big things going on around here that I'll blog about soon.  And a fun camping weekend coming up as well.  This is going to be the best summer ever!  If we enter into it with a positive attitude and delight for even the small joys, it truly will be wonderful despite anything that doesn't work out like we'd like.  Let the summer fun begin!.....and continue since they already are enjoying it!