Monday, May 16, 2016

A Walk in Dallas Lake Park

We had a morning filled with dentist appointments for all the children except the baby.  They all did great!  With a morning appointment, then off to a park for a picnic lunch, then back to the dentist to finish out the afternoon, I thought they all might enjoy a nice walk before we headed home.  We've never taken the new trail at Dallas Lake Park.  What a delightful trail with much to see.  While we walked I commented how LaGrange County has such nice parks for us to enjoy.  It truly is a blessing for those of us who love to get outdoors and enjoy creation.


 I thought for sure Benaiah was going to fall in!

 One of the challenges during our walks is who can find the first Jack-in-the-pulpit.  I found the one today!  Not all woods have them, but it is fun to find them.  It's like finding a treasure!

 She had a wrinkly face most of the walk from the wonderful sunshine!  When I turned around and talked to her, she gave me this face though.  Love her!

 This boy does gymnastics wherever he goes.

We spotted this bird as it flew away.  It flew too far away for us to identify it.
After asking around, I believe it is a green heron.  We had never seen one before.

If  you've never visited this park, check it out.  Lovely trails and creatures to see.