Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rum Village 2016

My dad got free tickets to a Notre Dame baseball game and the girls didn't want to go along, so we girls headed to Rum Village in South Bend while the guys went to the game.  It's a lovely park with great plant life and a nature center.  The trail has about a 1 mile loop with other connecting trails and a mountain bike trail across from where the actual park entrance is.  We enjoyed our day there and got in some good exercise.

 Saphira is always our map holder.
She knows the way!

 Sleepy baby.

 Jack-in-the-pulpit, one of our favorite plants in the woods.

 I don't know how Alegra sees some of the things she does.  A little chipmunk in this log caught her eye.

 A red bellied woodpecker.

 The trails in this park are marked very well.  We always appreciate when we know right where we're at according to the map.

 This is a grafitti tree.  Now I don't encourage carving in the trees, but this one has been being carved in for a long time.  As the tree grew, the names that were carved into it, grew too.  Way up above our heads were names that didn't look recognizable anymore, but were there.  I wonder how long ago the first carving was.

 When the game ended the boys met up with us at the park.  What fun to run into them along the trail.

This park is really enjoyable.  It's in town, yet tucked away where it can still be quiet and peaceful.  The trails are most level, but there are some hills that are just enough of an incline to make it bearable yet not exhausting.  Let us know if you swing by there and what you think!  Since we didn't get to as many parks last summer as we wanted to because of me being pregnant and having some complications, we decided we'll try again this year.  So far we're enjoying the weather and creation, and looking forward to more of it!