Saturday, July 23, 2016

4-H Fair 2016

The LaGrange County 4-H Fair is always a week that we look forward to.  We mostly go on Friday for the Open Horse Show.   Jonathon and I started going when we were dating, and we've continued the tradition every year as our family has grown.  We don't stay as late as we used to, but maybe as the littler children get older, we can pull a late nighter again.  :)  

This year Alegra decided that she wanted to enter The Voice competition that the fair hosted.  We weren't entirely sure of how it worked since we've never watched the show on TV, so Alegra wasn't entirely prepared with a second song since she made it to the final round.  She quickly learned a song and squeezed her way through it, but didn't end on the best note, so she didn't win.  BUT she did an awesome job and is looking forward to trying again next year.  We are so proud of her for having the courage to try it, and despite her mess up, wanting to do it again next year.  

On Friday we had our friend, Elli with us, so we got to the fair early enough to watch the extra shows and stop by the petting zoo and tour some of the exhibits and animal barns.  We enjoy walking around so much, visiting with old friends, family, and seeing how creative children are with their projects.

The children had been talking about their friends, the Browns and asked if I knew whether they would be there.  I hadn't talked to them to know.  While we were in the petting zoo they walked in.  What a sweet surprise to everyone to have more friends to hang out with at the fair.  After the petting zoo, we joined back up with them at the horse show and watched it together for a bit.

After getting lots of yummy food, we sat and watched the horse show.  We missed seeing some people in it that we always enjoy cheering on, but we did catch another friend on her horse.  It has been fun watching her over the years and seeing how much she improves from year to year.

Another fair year over and we're thinking maybe next year we'll have the children do a few projects.  They all have some idea of what they'd like to do, so maybe I can add that to my list of to do's for this school year and help them be a part of  it.  Thankful for family who are close by that can answer our questions to make the process a little more easier.  Watch out 4-H, the Bovee children are coming your way!  :D