Sunday, August 14, 2016

A hike at Pokagon State Park

We had a few hours one afternoon to get the dog out and do some hiking at Pokagon State Park.  The temperature was 90 degrees, but with a cool breeze in the shaded woods and a light misting of rain, it really felt fairly cool.  BUT the mosquitoes did start biting after we got so far in, so we turned around and headed back to the van.  Thankfully we did as we needed to leave to head home right when we got back to the van.  We weren't keeping good track of time apparently.  

As always Saphira carried the map to lead the way.  The dog did great although we didn't meet anyone on the trail for him to respond to.  He did respond at my cousin's house where we stopped on our way home.  They have 2 dogs that he thought he should carry on a loud, barkey conversation with.  He still needs to get around more dogs and be exposed to them.  Today I walked him down the road and bicycler came towards us.  After I caught his first perk up sign, I corrected him and he went back to a leisure walk without even caring when the biker passed us and talked to us.  He's making improvements, but still more things to overcome.