Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hadassah's 1 year pics.

Aaaahhhh, our littlest Bovee turned 1!  How does the time go so quickly?!  Hadassah is truly turning into a bundle of fun.  Just a little bit about her at this age:
She loves all dogs.  She has wonderful facial expressions.  The rash on her face has cleared, but we're still working on her arm rash.  She loves to eat.  She likes to clap her hands, try to walk (not doing it on a regular basis), sing, take baths, be outside doing anything, lay on the dog, and has the cuttest scrunched up face ever!  She's finally figured out prayer time at meals and voluntarily grabs Jonathon and I's hands to complete our circle.  AND she is a CLIMBER!!!  

Alegra wanted to take her pics at the park where we took my maternity pictures.  It turned out to be a fun place with lots of areas for great backgrounds.  She loved the water!!

 Always good to have a helper on stand by.  Sometimes falls happen.  She's blessed to have a fun papa who doesn't make such a big deal out of it but praises her for the amazing trick she just did.  :)

 Those curls....

Those eyes....

I think Alegra captured a lot of who Hadassah has become.  Now if we just had a picture of her on top of the piano to show how she climbs, that would complete this collection.  Oh, wait!  I might have one that will fit the bill.
I took this picture one evening as the sun was coming down.  One second she was on the floor playing with toys and the next, she was on top of the table reading a book.  Her serious face looking at the book, her shadow with her curls showing, and the lighting just caused me to sit and watch her perched there enjoying her own personal time on top of the world.  

That's our Hadassah!  She's growing and all love her so much!  Josiah loves to put her to sleep.  Diella loves to watch her expressions.  Alegra constantly says how cute she is.  Benaiah doesn't care much really.  Saphira loves playing with her in her make believe land.  And the dog, well, he is patient with her love, knows that she's the only one who won't push him away when he's giving her a kiss, and is quick to check on her if she's crying.  As she grows up, between a watchful dog and bigger siblings, she'll be well watched over.  


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