Thursday, May 4, 2017

Field Trip x 2- Bluebirds and Kids N Stuff Museum

This time of year, we are all done with having to sit inside and do school work.  I usually start the year out saying we'll do a field trip every month, but somehow, during those winter months, I just don't want to get out and do anything.  

With spring in the air, I decided we needed to get out, and I was so thankful for our good friend, Kathy Troyer who suggest we visit her aunt's house to observe the bluebirds.  That sounded like a fantastic field trip to me!

Later in the week, we had already made plans with other friends to meet up at a children's museum in Michigan, so the children could hang out and learn something all at the same time.  Kids n Stuff children's museum is a small place in a small town, but the children had so much fun exploring, using their imaginations, and doing some brain work with some of the displays.

 The grocery store area looked like a hurricane went through, so we went through and organized the shelves and put away everything that was on the floor.  The store was spotless when we were done.  Next time I'll let them actually play in the area, using their checkout lanes, scanners and registers with fake money.  It was all so fun!  :)

 It was fun to have Kinslee along for the day.

 The two girls had so much fun.

 This was an air wall that moved pom poms through tubes when the air was on.  They had fun watching them go through and catching them when they came out.  

 Giant Lite Brite.

 Saphi loved the farm area.  She fed the animals several times.

 Fun doing acrobats.

 Josiah spent a lot of time on this wall figuring out how to make a path for the ball to get to the bottom.  Then some girl came and wrecked his creation.  :)

We ended the day with a live performance on stage.  

 Kinslee and I opened the curtain.

And the grand finale, a puppet show. 

There were some areas we didn't even get to explore, so they want to go back.  Every month they have a free day, so we were glad to take advantage of it without it costing us anything.  We'll plan to go again and finish what we didn't see.  If anything, it was a good time for the children to reconnect with their buddies from Michigan and learn a little differently than doing book work.