Saturday, April 18, 2009

A cupboard needing a little babied for our baby.

Well, we have this cupboard that we are putting in the spare space in the children's room for all the baby's belongings. It obviously looks a little bit in need of care...well, the above picture was taken after Jonathon sanded for nights and days on it (not really, but he wanted me to make sure he got some credit for his hard work at sanding it- Good job honey!) Anyways...we put a shout out for unused brown paint at church and thanks to many of our brothers and sister, we found just the shade we wanted. So, on to the painting....
Josiah fell asleep earlier in the evening, so we decided the girls could help with the painting since he wasn't around. They had so much fun! Wish they would do my walls, and I would be assured that it would look good when they were done. :) After I let them do most of the front panel, I decided that I would just finish it up and make sure they got all the cracks and that it looked smoothe. And then I debated on the inside.... I should have taken a picture of the inside. It was awful! I figured we had enough paint, so on to the inside.
We didn't get a final picture of the outside, but isn't this a nice picture of the inside all painted and pretty?! Much happier with the color, and it sits in their room waiting for more baby things. I think it will be getting some stuff in it this week after a much needed cleaning and sorting week. The agenda: painting my bedroom, painting the kitchen, washing windows, restaining some of the window sills, going through baby clothes to have what we need ready, setting the crib up, bringing the cradle over, washing the tops of my cupboards, and having all supplies ready for the birth. Ugh! Sounds like a full week, but I'll feel better about having it all done and ready before labor starts.
With the way things are feeling lately, it would certainly be nice to go early, but that's usually wishful thinking. Keep us in your prayers as the day nears and pray that all goes well with the delivery. We would appreciate it! And I am very much looking forward to the Celebration of Motherhood the ladies at the church are doing for me next Sunday. It seems I have given so many of the celebrations that I won't know how to act being the recipient of it this time. It will be a blessing and I'll be sure to post about it afterwards.
Enjoying the beautiful day today! And enjoying looking out the front window and seeing the bees buzzing around the weeping cherry tree that is beginning to bloom. What a wonderful sight!