Thursday, April 23, 2009

Waiting and wondering what the plan is.....

Some of you may know that I have been struggling this week with some severe pain in my leg. This is my shout out for prayer. We have lots of our church family praying, but the more the better. Sunday I woke up with a funny feeling in my left leg, but figured it would pass after I got up and got moving. Well, it didn't pass at all and is actually worse. The left leg is swollen, discolored, and very painful. The chiropractor said that my left hip was rotated at the sacro illiac joint but today when I went he seemed quite pleased with how it felt. So, that leads us to thinking that the baby is just snug in a spot that is not the best comfort wise for me. I am okay as long as I can find a comfortable place to sit or lay down, but the minute I try to get up or even walk, it's BAD! So, if you would lift this up to the Father who hears our every prayer and knows our hearts, I would greatly appreciate it! I'm not sure I can deal with 3 more weeks of this kind of pain. But at least I know that eventually, once baby comes, it will pass. I'm thankful for a decent pregnancy thus far and glad that I haven't had these kinds of problems all through. So, now I sit and am thankful for a healthy husband who can plant garden, and weed, and clean up outside, and thankful for children who really do a good job at helping me clean up after themselves and even entertain themselves.

I'll update how things go as I feel able to be up and do that.


Sarah said...

Christie- My mom told me you had been taken to the hospital. You and baby are in our prayers. Take care of yourself and that precious baby.
Love~ Sarah