Saturday, April 18, 2009

A package in the mail

The children looked out the window the other day and saw that the mail lady was coming to the door. We had forgotten that Aunt Judi from California had sent an email telling us to be watching for a package. So, we were very excited to get a package that day! We opened it up and the children were so happy to see new blankets that Aunt Judi had made. They loved the one that was for them and of course wrapped up in them right away. We love blankets, especially soft blankets, around our house. But after the blanket fun, they found the box to be much more entertaining. They turned it into all sorts of fun things, so I decided the next day as part of art class we would decorate it into a boat. And here is the final results after much coloring with markers, crayons and paint. We even added some waves on the sides...

And boy did they have fun with it!

But what is a boat without fishing poles and fish? So, I had to put my creative knack to work and create some poles and fish. Now they were all set!

And thankfully, nobody rocked the boat and fell out into the water with the shark. That was a big deal when Josiah hid the shark and nobody knew where he was. But the boy took great joy in knowing where he was and scaring his sisters. A fun day with a box that had no intentions of being played with so much by three little children when it was first packed with soft warm blankets.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, oh what a picture of the children with their new blankets. I hope they enjoy them for many years. The boat that they made was awesome! If you can, please email a picture of the children with their blankets. I would love to share with the family. Hope to see you next month...please let us know when the baby arrives. Love Aunt Judi