Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Fishing Trip of the Summer

Fishing, Family, and Fun!

My dad invited us to go fishing with them and we took them up on it. Our family loves to fish! And this time around, Jonathon and I didn't even get a chance to. It was all the children who got to enjoy the fun and the big catches. Here is Alegra with her big catch. I think her's was the biggest.
She is reeling it in. Grandma was close by to help out if need be, but Alegra was able to get it in all by herself. The children all three caught each of these fish completely on their own. They can cast out, but this day they had some help just to prevent hooks in unsuspected victims. Actually, the only time somebody almost got hooked was me and Benaiah when grandpa was trying to get Alegra's hook unstuck from the lily pads.

Here is Diella's big fish. She didn't think she could get it in, but she did it! She often had to be reminded to watch her bobber, but once somebody said, "Diella, you've got one!", she would hook it and bring it in. Way to go Diella!

And last, but certainly not least, is Josiah's big blue gill. That little Cars fishing pole has been good to him and this catch is the perfect example of that. He does such a great job casting, hooking, and then reeling it in with his little pole. He loves being so big, especially around grandpa and papa.

So, it was a fun fishing evening topped off with Dairy Queen for supper, then back to Grandpa and Grandma's to clean all those whopper fish and have ice cream. The children enjoyed riding bikes and playing kick ball, the men cleaned fish, Grandma played kick ball, and I held a baby and enjoyed the time with family. What a blessing!