Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Father's Day a little late!

We had a very enjoyable day on Father's Day. We got quite a few things done around the house in the morning including loading up the cradle that Benaiah had been sleeping in. He is now in the crib and sleeping so good! And while I am on the subject of him, he had a check up yesterday and weighs a whopping 12 lbs. and 8 oz. The doctor was amazed at how great he is doing!

Anyways....after dropping off the cradle at my parent's house for safe keeping, we headed to the Elkhart County Jail to pick up my parents who had been there doing jail service. So, at 2:30 we picked them up and headed for Portage, IN to take my dad on a surprise trip to the Bass Pro Shop to honor him on this special day. We made it a surprise because he has given plenty of surprises in the past, and we thought it was time for him to just sit back, relax, and be surprised. But of course, my dad (who gets it from his mother) cannot really enjoy the time if he doesn't know where he is going, so it made it all the more fun . I think he was thrilled to be there though. They were doing a special Family Summer Camp weekend, so we got to enjoy all the festivities that went along with that. The children did a workshop on animal identification, and painted ceramic tracks, got their pictures taken, and did shooting in the gallery. So much fun for everybody!!!

After our time at Bass Pro Shop, we headed to Texas Corral for supper and enjoyed some delicious food! The children liked the rolls and the whole peanut experience was fun too. By the end of the day, we were all tuckered out and ready for bed when we got home. My dad got some shopping done for this summers fishing time, and we all loved seeing all the animals set up and the excitement of a new place from the children....well, me too. That place is pretty cool! Here are some pictures of our fun family day!

This was the grand display complete with two waterfalls, a river with trout in it, and lots of cool animals. Josiah loved this!

The shooting gallery that was FREE on this day. What great FREE fun! Can't you tell the grandpa was thoroughly enjoying his time with his grandchildren?!

This is one of my favorite part...the many times he signed up for the a giveaway. But this giveaway in particular he filled out, I don't know, how many sheets. And yes, each of the pictures is a different time he stopped to fill one out. :)

And again.....

And again!

This is the workshop the children went to where they learned how to identify animals and then they answered some questions to get a little pin .

This was, by far, my favorite see, my dad recently got a new phone through work. It's amazing (just ask him). It has a compass, a flashlight, takes way too many pictures, and even takes video. Well, he has come to really like this phone and take advantage of all its features such as the video. While the children were doing their workshop, he was walking around videoing the surroundings and just having fun with his phone. It's just funny for my dad who isn't all that techy and totally into this new phone. Jonathon and I just stood back and watched him do all this videoing and laughed and laughed. Too funny! Jonathon said I should have videoed him videoing. Sorry, it would have been an entertaining little clip, I'm sure. :)

So, that was it! Our lovely day with my Dad!