Thursday, June 18, 2009

He's 4 weeks and oh so cute!

Our little (I mean big) Benaiah is 4 weeks old!
He is, for the most part a happy little guy. Getting into a routine has been so helpful with 3 other children to tend to. He is starting to sleep better at night which is music to my ears when I roll over and see that it has been 6 hours instead of 3 since I was up last. I need my sleep to function as a loving him sleeping longer at night is really a good thing. :)

This is his serious face. Probably one of his sisters walked in the room, and he is just waiting to see if they will mess with him. They do love him, but I think he gets overwhelmed by their wonderful love. So, when he is with mom, he is very happy to be in a still, calm, safe haven in her arms.

He is starting to smile more, as evident above. He has also talked one time and that was to Josiah. It was very sweet, but I must admit that it causes me a little worry that it was to Josiah and not his dear mother. I'm afraid these two are going to be way too much alike. Who am I trying to kid, he is a boy and boys will be boys. Maybe this time around, our boy won't be quite so rough. That's our prayer!

Isn't he handsome? Alegra was happy to see us home after we went with Grandpa Daniel to a father/daughter banquet at Grandpa Daniel's church. Benaiah was so good, sleeping the whole time. I tried to line his feedings up, so that he would sleep on the way there and then hopefully, during the majority of it, and he slept through the whole thing leaving me to enjoy a nice evening with my dad. And my dad even shared during the banquet about the last months happenings and shared what gift daughters/children are. It was a teary time for sure!
We are growing quite fond of this boy. He brings us great smiles and joy! And he even has cute little snores. Enjoying every minute of his life with us! We thank God for entrusting us with him. Pray with us that we do a pleasing job in training him for the Kingdom.