Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Long Awaited Celebration of Motherhood

My Celebration was planned for while I was in the hospital, but on the day of the original party, some of the ladies graciously came to the hospital to do a mini Celebration for me. It was a blessed time with snacks and scripture sharing that was perfect for what I needed at the time. But then I got the "real" Celebration too. I'm undeserving!

For the original Celebration they had all the ladies go in together on buying us plants for the garden and flowers for our flower beds. These things were given to us before, during planting time and one of the men from the church planted our whole garden and tended to it while we were gone. What a huge blessing! Little did Laura, the one who planned it all, know that this would be more of a blessing than what she realized. She didn't know that I would end up in the hospital unable to get things planted myself. That is where it is truly so much of a blessing when we hear the Lord directing the Celebrations to go in the direction He wants them to go in. It makes far more of a blessing than we could ever conjure up on our own. So she stuck with the theme of planting and flowers. She had vases of flowers and packets of seeds on the table for the ladies to take home.

They planned a brunch this time with some of the most delicious foods ever! I was impressed for sure! It's too bad I didn't get a picture of the food table.

The surprise this time was that they had Jonathon, my husband, come in and lead worship. He chose some of the songs that he and I sang a lot of in the hospital that were encouraging to us. This sure was nice. And it made for some good tears too. Thanks! As if there aren't enough of those at these things. :)

Me crying during worship time. Was such a blessing having my husband come and share with us ladies.

Then sharing time... Most all of the ladies shared scripture, stories, poems, or whatever was on their hearts to share with me. I do not feel that I am all that they shared me being, but it was encouraging to hear how the Lord blessed others through my situation and seeing how we handled it. May others learn from our trial. Above is Liz Arsenaeu sharing her wonderful little story about a mother who makes a mess in her frustration. How encouraging it was to remember that we need not get upset because it always results in actions we later regret.

Casie shared about being an invisible mom. We do so many things that never get recognized. Our rewards are certainly not earthly when it comes to mom awards.

They washed my feet and then Vicki massaged them. What a humbling feeling knowing that they were all doing it out of love for me, wanting to show me their heart ti sit at my feet to serve me. Again, I am undeserving!

I was also blessed to have the girls there to see how ladies should minister to one another. This is so much more than a typical baby shower. It's what we are called to do. The older ones teaching the younger ones. Building one another up in love. Thinking of others more highly than ourselves. Serving those of the household of faith. How precious it is for my daughters to see how to grow into a biblical young lady.

Here is Diella in all her cuteness!

And after the party is over, the clean up crew. Thanks ladies to all who helped plan, helped prepare, shared to make it a blessing and helped clean up. What a blessed time with my sisters!