Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleepy children

One night I walked into the children's room and saw such peacefulness. I had to share the pictures with you. For some reason we didn't get one of Alegra or Josiah, but you can enjoy the other two.
Here is our Benaiah sleeping ever so peacefully. He loves his bed! I put some blue and green sticky butterflies on the wall above the crib rail and he loves looking at them. He also likes looking at his taggy blanket that you can see in the bottom left corner. Such a clever little blankie for babies with different colored ribbons sewed all around it. I think he will really like it when he can get it into his mouth.

And this one cracked me up and was the reason we decided to take pictures in the first place. Diella has been, by far, our biggest cuddler and loves to snuggle with soft things. Apparently this night she needed the softness all around her head. Bear and Freddy Frog must have soothed her to sleep with their softness. Too funny! Hope you enjoy it!