Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photo Shoot Fun With Mommas and Babies

We decided we wanted some family pictures taken at our house and the lady who we had as our midwife volunteered to do this. Then she decided she would like pictures of all the moms and their babies that she has delivered from our church here in the last year. So, we invited 6 other families and had such a great time taken pictures.

Here is Ireena, the midwife, with all of us ladies surrounding here. What a great pic. Well, all the pics. really are great! It was so much fun!

This is just the moms and babies. They all really did cooperate well.
Here is our little family sitting in our backyard. Alegra 7, Diella 5, Josiah 3 (almost 4), and Benaiah 6 weeks. Couldn't have asked for a nicer picture!
Here is Jonathon with the three older children. What a great Papa and is clearly displayed here.

These are our good friends who also had their family pictures taken. What a cute bunch of children we have...okay the adults aren't too bad either. :)
Until you saw their crazy picture, then you might have thought we weren't all that great. Haha!