Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celia's Celebration Tea For Two

This weekend we had another wonderful celebration honoring a fabulous lady and her new little girl, Ruth. This Celebration was a Tea For Two and we had tea, cookies, cakes, and a special song with the words of tea for two changed up to fit a new momma.

The treat table with diaper cake as the centerpiece.

The table decorations consisted of a jelly jar with flowers from my gardens, smaller jelly jars with special m&ms and honey dipped spoons.

The guest of honor with her daughter, Shalom admiring all the goodies and excited to be getting her dream of a tea party.

Who wouldn't have smiles with all that deliciousness to choose from. : )

Another angle of the goodies.

Shalom with her honey spoon lollipop.

The great grandma holding baby Ruth.

The grandma holding Shalom after a tiring party.

We also had ladies bring in cookies enough that we could do a cookie exchange. It was fun, encouraging and a blessing for all who attended. I would have liked to have gotten some pictures of some of the tea cups ladies brought. They were to bring their own, and there were some pretty fancy ones. Sooo much fun!!!