Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Night

Josiah was wanting to go bowling for his birthday, and we just weren't able to make it there. We got a coupon emailed to us the other day for up to 6 people to have one free game of bowling. So, when we decided to have a quiet family night, Jonathon decided we should use that coupon.
Here is Josiah in action.

It was quite challenging with Benaiah. He wanted to do everything but BE STILL.
Alegra found a little cubby and thought he would like it....quite the contrary.

Here is Alegra very happy about her throw.

Diella's ball went so slow that she had time to walk back to the seats and eat a few french fries before the ball hit the pins. It was a little bit torturous as we chased Benaiah around, trying to keep him happy with french fries.
All in all we had a great time bowling our one free game a piece. That was just enough for us all. Let's see, who won?.....Jonathon was the grand champion, Diella came in last, but I was tied and losing to two of the children at one point, so that should tell you that none of us broke any records. : )
The stars were shining so brightly when we left the bowling alley that we thought it would be a great night for walk. When we got home, Benaiah was sleeping, so we put him to bed and hit the trails in our backyard. We bundled up with it getting quite chilly out here in Michigan, grabbed some flashlights and set out to enjoy the starry night. Was a lovely walk enjoyed by all and a perfect way to end our evening!