Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Mother's Day was a little Fishy

We had a lovely day on Sunday with my parents.  My grandpa Murphy joined us for lunch as did a young amish couple.  They have been beginning to have their eyes open to the Truth of the Word and were such a joy to visit with.  Their excitement for how the Lord is changing their hearts and leading them to obey Him is rejuvenating.  We all sang together, and they yodeled for us.  Was a treat for sure!

The children were really wanting to play kick ball since the men were there too, so we had to fit that into the day.  But first Benaiah got an early birthday present from grandpa and grandma to occupy him during the ball game. 

Benaiah got a new mower to keep him busy this summer when I have massage clients at grandpa and grandma's house.  He makes the noise of a mower while pushing it and even stops to check it and do maintenace.  Quite cute!
On to the ball game!
I keep telling him he's getting too old for such things, but he doesn't listen.  Oh, I guess it keeps him young, right? 
On to fishing!  That was Benaiah's request, to ride grandpa's might machine boat.
 Benaiah was big enough this year to try his hand at wind surfing.  Josiah sure loves it!

 Josiah caught the first fish!  A nice blue gill (in Jonathon's hand ready to go in the water tank)!  He sure is a good fisherboy.  : )

 He loves to ride the boat!

Our catches of the day.  A blue gill and rainbow trout made it to our dinner table last night.  It was delicious baked in a garlic butter sauce with some herbs.  Josiah and I preferred the blue gill and Jonathon preferred the trout.  The rest of them, didn't care so much for any of it.  In June we'll be going up to Saginaw to do some serious fishing to hopefully stock the freezer with good meat to eat.  We'll see how we do and don't worry, we'll post about it, even if we don't catch anything.  : )  

So, that was our fun filled Sunday for you all to enjoy!  Boating season has just begun, everybody (except me) has their fishing licenses and we are ready to fish and wind surf.  We learned that grandpa's style of fishing is a bit boring, so next time we are packing games for us ladies and children to do.  But his style did get us that nice rainbow trout, so we shouldn't complain. 

Time to go to bed!  We've got a fun filled weekend planned and we can't wait to hit the road in the morning.  Night friends!