Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remodeling in Progress- Mudroom halfway done

Yesterday was the day to get the kitchen cupboards finished up.  We really liked the style that glazed paint gives and after pricing new doors and drawers since the cupboards themselves seem to be good quality, we decided that we just didn't want to spend $2,000 for a new style.  So, I set out to figure out another way and after attempting that new way myself, I asked for help.  What I did wasn't bad, but it needed a little more and I wasn't sure how to do it exactly, so our good friends the Parks, came to lend a hand with some fixing and painting.  Supplies to accomplish the cupboards and island ended up costing about $100 which included paint and painting supplies and new hardware.  Much cheaper than $2,000.00! 

Carie started right away on the doors adding the glaze to make them look like we had hoped for. And Sang got to work on the island that we wanted to be dark gray and WOW, we love how it turned out as well. I have no pictures of the kitchen finalized since we were letting everything dry good before too much handling, but eventually you'll see it all put back together.

Our other set of helpers were the Arseneaus.  Pat gave us good advice on the painting and then worked at painting closets to get them freshened up.  We were hoping to get the mudroom painted but thought that was too lofty.  After Liz washed down all the walls in there, and Sang finished his jobs, we thought we might as well get the painting started in there too.
This room started out macaroni and cheese yellow. We love the transformation we made just by adding paint and taking old things off the wall to clean things up a bit.

These are before pictures.....

And these are after.....

The before and after picture.
There is still some work to be done in here. We didn't paint any of the floor trim as it will have to come off when we put tile down. We'll paint it then while it's off. And there is an area around the shower and behind the washer and dryer that Jonathon wants to just drywall since it's botched together paneling and doesn't look very good. But it's nice seeing that we do love this color in this room and can't wait to finish up this room with maybe a new light fixture and some accent hand towels.  So far the cost to repaint this room was $0 since we decided to use the left over paint from painting the island for the kitchen.  Trying not to have too many left over buckets of odds and end colors of paint sitting around saves tons of money!

So, our accomplishments today:
~ Kitchen cupboards painted and hung (sorry no pictures at this time)
~ Island for kitchen painted
~ Mudroom closet and walls painted
~ Coat closet in foyer painted
~ Some little extras figured out for doors and closets
~ Some ideas for fun in the kitchen
~ Great fellowship!
Thank you to the Arseneaus and Parks for helping out today!


Tiffany said...

Awesome Colors!!! I am working a Modern bedroom for a couple of teenage girls this week :) May I ask what painting tips Pat gave you? He is such a pro and I could use any tips anyone has! Especially when it comes to repainting dressers and furniture!

Bovee Family said...

He mostly told us which kinds of paint you can and can't paint on top of. Also, whether or not we needed to polyurethane over top of the glaze on the cupboards. A teenage room would be fun to do. Enjoy the creativeness!