Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apple Orchard Fun

What a gorgeous day we had to go to the apple orchard on a field trip. And it was loaded with fun! We got there early to take pictures and get a head start on the fun. A couple years ago we came here, and I remembered the children weren't really interested in watching the video that they have playing in a little barn, so I planned for them to watch that before the other children got there.
We had so much fun. The sun was shining perfectly and it was a nearly perfect day.

Alegra really wanted a picture with Benaiah as the farmer. So, she held him, but since she thought it was so funny, she spent most the time laughing behind the scenes so I was surpised his face wasn't all blurry from her bouncing. It turned out pretty cute anyways.

Here are all four of my children watching the video, learning about apples, cider making, and the health benefits that apples give to our bodies.
When the rest of the group got there, we took a hay ride out to the corn maze. Benaiah fell asleep during the ride and slept peacefully through most of the ride and walk through the maze.

Was short and sweet with some corny jokes along the way.

Here is Mrs. Apple teaching the children how to pick an apple properly. They all did great as you can see from the following pictures.

Josiah picking a red delicious. Alegra picking. Diella posing after her picking.
They got to pick a gourd from the gourd patch. There were so many to choose from, but I must say they all did a great job with their picks. Now we will let them dry to make shaker instruments out of them.

After we were done picking, we all had some cider and the children were given coloring books. Here is Celia, the organizer of this field trip (great job heading it up!) and Benaiah. He had such a good time and always is good for a smile.

The whole group of children that participated. We were missing a few families due to sickness, but despite some not making it, the rest of us enjoyed the amazing warm and sunny day. I guess that was our last fix of sunshine for this year. Are we ready for winter now? Ready or not, here it comes.