Thursday, October 29, 2009

An Autumn Stroll With My Children

The day was beautiful yesterday, and knowing that we won't have too many more of those days, I decided to take the children for a walk and take along the camera for some good autumn moments. What fun we had and loved the weather we were blessed with!

Just taking a stroll in the leaves. I can't wait til Benaiah is old enough that he can join the threesome in walking hand in hand. Well, I can wait, but it will make for some really cute pictures.

I've been looking at alot of photographer's blogs and seeing some of their creativeness. Not your typical sittings or backgrounds. This one was inspired by Krystal, an old friend that I used to babysit for. She now resides in Wisconsin but does some amazing work. Check her blog out here. You just might be inspired yourself.

They wanted so much to go on the other side of the fence to play. I wasn't opposed, so off they went through the open spot in the fence to roam on the deer trail. Thought this would be a cute pic, so they stopped their adventure to give me smiles.

A quick pose on the fence before we continued our walk.

My four cuties! We are so blessed by these little ones. Everyday isn't perfect, I mean, we do school, we keep the house clean, we try to teach them well, so obviously our days don't always go picture perfect. Children have other things in mind than any of those things. There is lots of running around and loudness in our little house, but when it's time for stories, the couch gets filled up and all is quiet. I love it! So, when the weather is nice, walks do us all some good.

Here is our Benaiah at 5 1/2 months. How big he is getting! This picture couldn't have gotten any better although how we got it could've. The poor guys is just starting to sit by himself, though he is quite wobbly still. So, he constantly rocked backwards and bumped his head on the fence. Didn't faze him at all, and he just kept on smiling. I thought for sure he would fit into the wagon, but the girls informed me that he is way too big. And when I tried it, well, he is bigger than I thought he was. The girls were right for sure! But it sure looked super cute beside him.
They decided enough smiling for the camera, so they all got up and started kicking leaves around. I told them they could pick some up and throw them in the air. Amazing that their smiles came right back, and lasted for awhile. Then they brought their hand fulls of leaves over to the photographer and baby and threw leaves on us. Not a good idea! Especially getting the tight fisted baby, unclenched from the many leaves that fell in his lap.

Couldn't resist a picture with my boy. But he was quite distracted by the leaf kicking, running back and forth, enjoying the day children behind me. Oh well! He is just longing for the day when he too will be able to do that and much for my cute picture of the 4 of them walking holding hands because he will probably be running all over the place. Ha!

We had to quickly head home because of a certain girl needing to go potty. So, after the bathroom break, we ventured out into our backyard and took a few more unsuspected shots. I love seeing my girls in the grass as if they were living in the prairie days.

After taking some pictures, the children had to show me the new buck rub by our pine tree. Looks like some good hunting in the valley. A perfect ending to a perfect walk. Oh, we did see a smooshed chipmunk in the road too. Always fun seeing wildlife but did they have to turn around and go back to see the deadness of the munk? Why, oh why? Fresh air, a good walk, and smiles from everybody ended a great day!


Krystal Muellenberg said...

OH! They are SO adorable. Your pictures, and of course your darling children. I ADORED the one through the fence! And by the fence....and in the feild. They are SO lovely. And thank you for the kind words. You gave me the biggest smile ever tonight! Thanks!