Monday, October 12, 2009

The Final Day of the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot)

The fun filled week of rejoicing is over. Thankful that we aren't limited to rejoicing just during this week. We have so much to rejoice about during the whole year, but this week is especially meant for rejoicing and considering tabernacling. We finished off the week with a meal together at our church and lots of games for everybody.

The children had a wonderful time in the big open space playing with jump ropes, bowling pins, a parachute, boxes, and hopscotch. What a great time for them to play with their friends!

Even the big people enjoyed themselves. Or were you, Matt and Melanie? Can't really tell here.

On the far left of the below picture is corn hole, then ladder ball, then a Wii bowling tournament (on the big screen), then the area for the children to play in. Something for everyone and everyone had a ball! Jonathon and I partnered up for ladder ball. We won one game and then lost. The coloring in there is so yellow and since I haven't been wearing my contacts with being on the meds, I couldn't see distance too well, so that's my reasoning we didn't become the champions at ladder ball. Hahaha!

The best part was just sitting around visiting with each other and enjoying one another's fellowship. The love that we all share is amazing in our church family and was clearly shown to us during our time in the hospital. What a sweet thing we have in our fellowship. Unlike any other church we have experienced. What a blessing!

Here is Benaiah and Sarah hanging out. He sure doesn't get ignored at church. I think he was passed from lady to girl, to lady and back to girl again. He sure is loved! What's not to love about him?
Hanging out and having fun with little ones. Except AnnMarie....put your chemistry away and have some fun girl! :)

The children played with so many different toys and used their imaginations well. So much for those who say that homeschooled children aren't socialized. I think we have that area covered with our children.
Some of the ladies conversing and sharing a great memory together.

The last stop for me before heading down to clean up then nurse a baby. This was Benaiah's last stop for the night too before he finally got to be with his momma a little before heading home. A little laughter, a little sharing, a little playing, a little eating, a little conversing, a little competeing, a little relaxing, and a lot of love!