Friday, October 9, 2009

Feast of Tabernacles Week

This week we have been celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in our home. The tent was set up and we prepared to have some friends camp along with us. I took the easy road after the first night of Benaiah puking on me at 6:30am and slept in my own bed. However we didn't start a fire in the woodstove in the evenings, so I probably was colder than the ones in tents with heaters. Nonetheless, the week was filled with wind and rain which makes for some interesting camping weather and took away nice evening sitting around the camp fire.
Here is one of our friends who camped out in our yard with his babe and mine. We had so much planned for the week that we didn't get most of it done, but were pretty happy with what we did get done. I guess I should say we didn't get the typical camping things done, but some other things that we will enjoy through the winter.
Monday evening we went and picked grapes and here is some our work with the grapes. I froze some and then the rest we canned to juice. What a late night job, but we got it done and it's actually pretty good. This was a first time doing juice for me. I have learned a lot this year about canning just by doing it. After grape picking we went to some friend's for a campfire and fun. Was pretty chilly, so we didn't stay real late. Did have some good roasted hot dogs over the fire, and the children had fun on the trails there.
Tuesday was the grape juice day then Wednesday was applesauce day.....

We had 3 bushel so split between 3 families and worked like crazies getting it all done. Here is Casie washing some dishes after our process of preparing, canning and then cleaning up.

Wedensday evening Jonathon and I had signed up at church to man the Corn School booth that our church has every year. We pass out free water and coffee to those who pass by. Also, every night we pass out homemade soup and bread to the vendors there. It's a great ministry and blesses a lot of people and shows others in a real way of God's love for them. It's interesting how nobody else there (even other churches) gives away what they offer. People are always baffled by our generosity. We enjoy doing it! The above picture is one of the younger girls from church riding the ride that was infront of our booth. You wouldn't catch me on that thing that's for sure.

Here is Jonathon and Jamin with Benaiah in the stroller. What a blessing it is to serve the community in this way.
Thursday, Casie and I went to the outlet mall in Fremont then I had a massage to give in the afternoon, then we had supper with our friends and they headed home. Rain caused them to pack up early, which was good for clean tent packing conditions, but bad for fellowship time.
Today I have been doing laundry and more laundry and more laundry. Also, cleaned my room from the children hanging out there most of the week and catching up on here. Jonathon is hauling wood up to the house preparing for the cold to set in and with the changing of seasons comes a change of chores in our house. The garden is pretty much done except for getting some carrots out and harvesting the beans that we have left out there to turn to seed. I also have lots of flowers to get seeds from for next year. I'll wait for a dryer day to do that.
Tomorrow is Sabbath and church gathering. Then Sunday is the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles. We will gather at church once more for a meal and fun and games in the evening. I will take pictures. We did last Sunday also with lots of fun for everybody, but I didn't have my camera. I will have to remember it this time. That ends out this post. This week was full of work and some play. Always more fun with friends even if it is work. The rain is coming down and has been all day, but my men are out working in it being good servants. Josiah is loving helping his daddy carry wood. So much for getting caught up on the laundry...oh well. Time to start supper and fix food for gathering tomorrow at church. Blessings to you all!