Sunday, February 15, 2009

Casie's Celebration of Motherhood

Today was the long awaited Celebration of Motherhood for Casie Brothers. Long awaited because she has had a rough time of it this pregnancy, and the closer she gets to having her baby, the closer I get to having mine. It was a blessing, and I believe, as usual, all the ladies were blessed by what was shared. Isn't it wonderful to feel the "community feeling" between sisters as we share what the Lord has given us to share with one another. This was a Polka Dot Tea Party complete with tea, polka dots, and sisters.
The picture below is the diaper cake that me and another sister put together for the mom-to-be. We had yummy sweet treats and the cards in the front of the cake were prayer cards. They had different things that we could pray for concerning Casie's pregnancy, labor, delivery, and baby.
And here is the lady we were honoring, Casie Brothers.

Casie brought a picture of her belly with her hands and her husband's hands over her belly in the shape of a heart.

We each wrote on the matting one word to describe the baby. It was extremely neat and Casie wants to put it above the baby's bed. What a special thing to remember her pregnancy by.

We washed her feet and this one is especially nice with it being her mom at her feet.

Bethany gave her a manicure which looked great after she was done

Here is Jennifer Ferris and two of her girls. Jennifer was the one we had the last Celebration for. Amazing how time flies and babies grow.

The two ladies left with bellies. Who is going to be next in line...that is what we are all wondering. So much fun being pregnant together.

The crew left over after the party was done and most everybody was gone. It was another wonderful time of food, fellowship, and blessing sisters. What were we missing out on before when we simply brought gifts and played silly games. There is no better gift than honoring our Father with sharing scripture and edifying one another with His Word. It was wonderful!