Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Couldn't forget about Josiah's night

We had a fun night too while the guys and gals were out having a grand ole time.

The boys started out reading, playing and then they worked on a dinosaur craft. Well, maybe I should say the moms worked on the dinosaur craft. We did most of the cutting, but it was fun and the boys did the coloring and we even got them to stand up...sorry, no picture.
Then after some movie watching, we made ice cream sundaes. Yummy! With all sorts of toppings we indulged and enjoyed a delicious treat.

Here is Josiah's masterpiece complete with peanut butter topping, strawberry topping, chocolate topping, blue sprinkles, little peanut butter cups, and a crunch chocolate stick.
I think he enjoyed every bite!
While we were still eating our sundaes, the guys got back with the girls. So, they all enjoyed sundaes too. I think the girls got quite the treats that evening. Good fellowship was had by all!