Friday, February 20, 2009

Reader Comments

So, we were up tonight, waiting for the fire that Jonathon fixed to get hot enough that we could shut it down, and we were checking out to see how many views we have had to our profile. Wow! I think we have a lot of people checking out our blog, but no comments. So, either A) the people who read it don't have a blogger account and think that they can't comment, or B) people just want the scoop on our family and want to remain annonymous, or C) people think that our posts are dumb and have nothing to say about them. Which one are you? A, B, or C?

If you are in the "A" group, rest assured you do not need an account to leave a comment. Simply sign your name at the end of your comment, so we know who you are unless you want to remain annonymous.

If you are in the "B" group, well, just keep enjoying the scoop.

Now, for those of you who find yourself in the "C" group, go away. No, just kidding!!! If you have something that you would like to know about our family, let us know. We'll try to fit into our busy schedules a post that will satiate your curiosity.

To the accomplished bloggers out there reading this, if you have information as to how to add a guest book to our blog, we would love to know how to do that and then we could know who is checking up on us without you having to leave a comment.

Have a great night, enjoy the snow that they say is to come, and look forward to next week when it will get warmer. Time to plan the garden!