Monday, February 9, 2009

Savings On Eyeglasses...for those inquiring minds

I have had a lot of people bringing up the topic of eyeglasses lately, so I thought I would share the information that I have on how to get cheaper glasses. You can visit a website called Zenni Optical and find a variation of eyeglasses ranging from $8.00 to what you would spend if you were to buy glasses through your eye doctor. We have ordered glasses for my sister-in-law and for my mom through this website and both were very pleased with what they received and they both ordered the $8.00 pair. They do ask for some particular measurements on your face so they can get the size just right for you. Make sure you measure accurately so they are comfortable for you. Also, you can only order glasses through them if you have up to date information on your eyes from an eye doctor with all the numbers for how your eyes are.

It is really quite an easy process and is so much cheaper than buying them anywhere else. Also, check on shipping options because you may have more than one person in your family who needs a pair, and if you order them at the same time, you could save on shipping.

Hope this is helpful to anybody out there needing to save money where they can and not really wanting to spend the ridiculous amounts of money that eye doctors charge. Let me know if you order some and how you like them.