Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

Well, the Daddy Daughter Date Night was a success and the little girls (and I do believe their dads too) had a wonderful time together.
Here are all four girls anxiously waiting for their date to start. Alegra, Eliyahna, Diella, and Lilly. Aren't they beautiful!
And the group of the dads and girls. Josh, Lilly, Eliyahna, Phil, Diella, Jonathon, and Alegra. My hubby didn't get any pictures at the restaraunt, but it sounds like they had an experience there with a not so good waitress. But even despite that, they all kept smiling. And onto the dance.....

Does it look like they are having fun? I think so.

They all got little flower crowns and wands, and all sorts of other goodies (flashlights, bandaids, pictures, sachets). They came back with all sorts of fun things.

The dance floor.
Hmmmm, we're not sure about this one. I think the guys felt bad that they weren't the best dressed there, so they wanted a picture with some spiffy guys in their picture. I don't think our girls were very impressed.
They even got to go outside and see the river. It was just the perfect night that they didn't have to worry about wearing their coats. What lovely little ladies.
Here is the Papa with Alegra....

And the Papa with Diella.
I think they had a wonderful night out and probably can't wait for the next one. We'll see when that one is. I think we might end up doing one for our whole fellowship and making it a little more wholesome rather than having the loud music and flashy lights. It seems one of the girls wasn't too interested in all that which is okay. I think for now they better just hold on to the memories of last night. We'll need a break from having a new baby and getting adjusted into the swing of having a little one again. Maybe next fall we can plan something.
But until then....they will just enjoy remembering this night with their dads and friends.