Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Great Day for a Scavenger Hunt

We honored my dad for his birthday by sending him on a scavenger hunt in Shipshewana. It was a cold day for such an activity, but we all had fun and the children had "getting to know you questions" for him, so they learned a little about grandpa. We started out by meeting them at the Davis Mercantile, singing "Little Red Caboose". That was an easy clue for him, and we all set out to the only red caboose in town.

Of course the children had to help him find the clues.

Most of the clues had something to do with dad's life, whether past or present. Some of them were easy, but then others made him think. And some we had to give extra clues to for him to figure out. With each clue we included a coupon for a free drink at Pilot truck stops. Since my dad is a truck driver, I thought this would be a great gift for him to enjoy on more than just this special day. I think he was quite pleased with those coupons, especially since he started working for a new company and there is a Pilot truck stop right across the road. That worked out nicely, I'd say.
This clue was at Kid's Creations. I believe the clue said something along the lines of "As you have gotten older, you get more of these". He thought for sure it was something physically related, but they have been blessed with a lot more fun, crafty papers from lots of little ones.

The last clue took us to get pizza. Yummy, as we were all quite hungry after our walk around town. We had pizza, ice cream and we all played dominoes. A great family time!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for guiding our family in the right direction and teaching me so many great lessons just from your example. Love you!