Monday, March 8, 2010

Yesterday at a glance.

Lately people have been asking me how I do it with four little ones and homeschool. My answer is always, "you do what you have to do and that is just what you do". Ha! Not real clear, but how am I to explain to someone how I manage my day with 4 children and get all the other tasks of a mother and wife done at the same time. It's tricky and doesn't always go as planned MOST days, but we do what we have to and at the end of the day, if something didn't get done, well, I have to remind myself that it doesn't really matter as long as I am training my children properly and molding them and not my materialistic home. We wanted to share our day with you from yesterday.
Here is Josiah doing an I Spy puzzle. He did most of it all by himself. He is the "just put pieces together" type, so I showed him about doing the outside pieces first. I don't think he was impressed and will probably put it together his way next time anyway. Oh well. And he dressed himself this morning. Camo and Hawaai go hand in hand, don't they?

Here is Alegra soaking up some sunshine on my bed while doing her math. Pretty soon it will be warm enough to do school outside and then we will be done with school. Yay! Working towards being done by May 1st so they can enjoy the warmth and not have to think about school while the weather is nice.

Here is Benaiah taking some crawling lessons. This little guy sure isn't interested in crawling. He is starting to get more brave when leaning forward, usually toppling to his belly. I am just glad I haven't had to deal with him being mobile while the woodstove is in full swing of heating season. I'd be happy if he would just wait until warmer weather. Not sure how gardening season will go with him, but I'll do what I have to and that's just what will happen. :)

The girls went outside to play after school work was done. Doesn't this picture look funny? It was warm but not warm enough to melt away our big pile that Jonathon made for them when we had all the snow. They got creative and played with golf clubs and tennis balls, pushing them around their paths in the snow.

And Diella being crazy as usual. She is quiet upon first appearance, but inside, she is a girl with all sorts of silliness. So, when she saw I had the camera, all joking broke loose. What a great day for the children to be outside getting some fresh air.

This is how our day usually ends. The Papa carries in his satellite boxes and begins assembling them. Benaiah loves watching him. As this picture is evidence of that. Then the children help carry out empty boxes and they sit and watch a huge fire of boxes burning. We have had a couple quiet moments this winter just standing by the fire in the middle of coldness while the children are in the house getting ready for bed. Those quiet moments don't seem to happen often enough, but we sure enjoy the ones we get.

That little guy sure is happy. He doesn't think there is any better place than with his dad doing work. Well, he might like his mom too, but only until I'm not his main food source. I am so blessed that my husband makes sure that his children love him from day one. I would be a wearisome momma if they wouldn't go to him or be consoled by him. What a great dad he is!
Well, today is another beautiful day! Yesterday morning I woke up to hearing sandhill cranes outside. Jonathon said he saw them (about 5 of them) in the field when he left for work. Felt like spring with the sounds of birds first thing to start the day. Looking forward to more singing in the mornings soon.