Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reading along with the children

We have been reading through the Bible with the children. Most nights we only get one chapter in, but usually there is much thought and discussion about that one chapter after we read it. And because we are only reading one (sometimes) at a time, it is taking us awhile to get very far. That's okay though, because more and more things are sticking out to us. We started in Genesis and are just reading through. Last week, I noticed a portion that I had never contemplated before and have been contemplating it ever since.

When Moses went up on the mount, the others burnt their gold down and made into a golden calf. After this happened, the Scriptures talk about how they had their own feast. They obviously were not focused on God in doing these acts and celebrating. And they called it their feast. I have been thinking of how often we take something so wonderful (such as Moses being gone, spending time with the Lord) and we turn it into something that is not pleasing to Him. They created their own feast! We have done that too in our society. Push Yahweh out of the picture and let's have a feast time that might "look" like it is in celebration of Him but in all reality it is not at all. They brought in pagan worship of an idol when they should have been worshiping the One who brought them out of Egypt. I just don't get it!

So, then the Lord establishes His feast days, and we shrug our shoulders and think it is ridiculous to celebrate something that He established in the Old Testament. It is the Old Testament, you know, and we don't have to live by that old thing. Wow, there is alot in there that He said. I don't think His words changed from when He said them. Why do we so willingly and quickly accept the celebration of our own feast days and so quickly and willingly reject His? I don't get it! But the thing is, I used to do it too. Ashamed now and know that others around me think I am crazy, but I know that I am celebrating what He established for us to celebrate. Holy days that are truly worthy of celebration and completely pure in their roots and history. No mixing of paganism in what He calls us to acknowledge as a time of celebration.

To my family and friends who do not understand and think we are weird, well, study it for yourselves and don't lean on what society says is right to do. In most cases, if the majority goes with it, then it isn't what He would be pleased with. Changing such major things in our lives is difficult, but the blessings that we receive from it after doing it, are far better than going with the flow of traditional christianity and not looking different than the norm.

So, the question is, are you creating your own feast days or celebrating in the ones that others have created or are you celebrating in the feast days that He established for us? And some people think that they are the feasts of Israel. Not true, when God calls them the feasts of the Lord. Clearly they are the ones that He wanted all to celebrate in, not just Israel.

Coming up is the start to a lot of feast days for our family. We celebrate according to what He says to do in the Scriptures. If opens our eyes to new things every year, and we bless Him for giving us this time to reflect on things and certain areas in our lives. We welcome the extra Sabbath days to commune with Him and welcome the abstaining from leaven to remind us of the sin in our lives that we need to get rid of. It's like a spring cleaning of our bodies and souls. Feels good and hopefully, it pleases Him! That is our heart's desire in what we do. To not allow the enemy to creep in with any of his tricks and lies and to only be serving and doing what He will accept as holy. I just can't imagine that He sees too much out in this world that He would deem holy. Put aside all traditional thinking, study it, and give yourselves wholly to Him in being holy as He sees is holy.