Monday, March 22, 2010

Must we learn the hard way?

Last week was a rough week for the Bovees. Jonathon was very busy with work, but some unexpected happenings brought a little stress our way, and now we have been thinking and rethinking some things. It's funny how the Lord uses certain things to teach us lessons. Too bad He doesn't just write us a letter to let us know what He wants.

All of that to say that He opened our eyes to some things that were causing our hearts to not stay on track with what He wants of us. I'm afraid that our desire to get out of debt was far surpassing our desire of things that need to still be present in our lives. We were missing great fellowship with our brothers and sisters because of work. No good! We are finding that this is something that we really need. Though getting out of debt isn't a bad thing, when it is at the top of all you think about, that's when it becomes an idol. Anything really can become an idol. And it wasn't even that we were thinking of money as much as just getting out of debt.

Jonathon developed some back issues last week, that amazingly have gotten a lot better after being prayed for at church. Thank you Father! And some vehicle issues have caused us to fork some extra money out towards that. But even after all that, we still had money to pay all of our bills and still have extra to go towards the house. It is as if the Father was telling us, you can worry and think about it all you want, but ultimately, I have it in my hands. And none of that was accomplished until AFTER we realized where our hearts were with the whole thing. He is amazing how he heals and reveals when we submit to what He wants. Then it all gets cleared up, and we are back to resting in Him again. Why do we have to learn the hard way?!

So that is our debt free update for ya. Not debt free yet, but working towards it with our hearts focused on Him and where He wants us right now. Not pushing to get the job done ourselves and not neglecting other things in life just to get it accomplished. We marvel at His faithfulness to teach us gently. I guess I'm not the one with the sore back though. That might not be so gentle. But praise to Him for healing!

Encouragement for the day: Take time to really listen to what He wants for you. Take time to check your heart even in the things that are of Him. It is way too easy to allow something that can be used by Him to become an idol. He doesn't want anything to replace Him, so truly keep Him at the top of all you think about.


Tina said...

It's so true about "idols". Praying the same thing here too, Christy. That we will keep the proper focus of Him and His will even during the journey of applying His principles and ways into our lives. Thanks for sharing. It was definitely Him leading me to this link to be reminded of the same thing. Blessings and Praying for you and your family.