Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bethany's Marriage Celebration

Bethany Boomershine's Celebration of Marriage

This was by far the most detailed Celebration that we have done. Not quite as quaint as some, but overall one of the most fun and sweet Celebrations. In the past all we have done were Celebrations for expectant women, but this time we wanted to celebrate an up coming wedding.
We made it an elegant evening and all the decorations and food were suited as such. We also wanted to incorporate fresh flowers as she loves flowers, so you will see how we did that. The meal was salad, manicotti, breadsticks, and then miniature wedding cakes. The ladies all mingled while eating and enjoying the evening of lady fellowship.
Preparations for this evening were grand, but well worth it! And yes, all of us who worked at it, did have quite a bit of fun getting ready. The following pictures are of the cake making. This took most of the time out of all the decorations/meal prep. But you can't argue that these cute little cakes are elegantly adorable.
This is the table full of the adorable little cakes. And here is the cake up close.....

While ladies shared scripture and biblical advice on marriage, we also did feet washing. This was very special as their was so much family attending this Celebration. The picture below is one of my favorites. The lady washing Bethany's feet is her sister-in-law and the baby is her niece. I think Shalom, the baby looks up to her Aunt Bethany and this picture clearly shows that.

This next picture is also one of my favorite pictures...okay, all the feet washing ones were favorites. This is Bethany's grandma and great grandma. Isn't that completely perfect?! What a blessing for her to have had two older generations serving her in such a way. I love it!

And then her mother-in-law washed her feet. What pure joy is displayed here between two who will soon be mother and daughter.

For this Celebration we wanted to do something special for Bethany that had to do with the men in her life right now. With the help from a couple others, a video was put together of pictures of Bethany and her fiance, Joel with recordings of Bethany's two brothers, Dad, and Joel. They recorded reading scripture, memories, and just their own personal thoughts to Bethany as she enters this new phase of life. It was precious and definitely put to use the kleenexes.

Lastly, we gave her gifts to help them get started as a married couple. But from all of us sisters at the church, two of the ladies made a quilt for her, and it was presented to her. Very beautiful and should be a treasured piece.
This Celebration was so beautiful and enjoyable as we all were reminded of how to serve our husbands, remain in the faith to be an example to them, and how to put up with the "male" gender that is so opposite from us. It was truly wonderful to see a young lady who has kept herself under her dad's authority and ready to be under a different man's authority. But making sure that he is truly going to lead her family according to the scriptures that God has given to us to follow. What a blessing these two are and an encouragement to all of us with young children that it is possible to train our children to stay under the proper authority until the right day. Thanks to all who helped and to Bethany for letting us honor you and serve you as you enter becoming a wife.