Saturday, October 25, 2014

Floehr Rustic Wedding

When I was younger, I had a love for little children.  The neighborhood children were my joy.  I would plan special evenings of fun, so all of their parents could go out on a date or just have the evening without children.  Two of the girls that were a part of those babysitting days and neighborhood fun are a part of this post.  What a delight for me to watch and see the children that I spent so much time with as young 'uns, now grown into wonderful, godly young women who are being blessed with the Father's goodness in their lives.  This wedding was for my dear sister friend, Maggie.  Her maid of honor flew up from the south to support and stand by Maggie on her big day.  Her maid of honor was only 2 when I last remember babysitting her and her siblings.  Such a fun time to reminisce about how old everyone was.  Smiles.  

So, back to the wedding.  The location was absolutely gorgeous!  A big, red barn tucked back down a long driveway amongst a quiet woods was the event spot.  The style, craftsmanship, and design was so beautiful and unique to most even centers.  I don't want to say too much more before I just let you scroll the pictures.  I will say the ceremony was small, with just a handful of us, those who sang, officiated the ceremony, and close family.  Then the bride and groom did pictures and then the reception started with a barn full of guests, cookies, coffee, and dancing.  Was quite delightful!  

I'll also add that the father of the bride made so many things to give this wedding a special touch.  He carved things, built things, and put a whole lot of love into this special day for his daughter.  

Two shall become one.

These girls, once little toddlers together, are now so beautiful! 

Brother and sister captured on the wedding day. 

We do love celebrating with our family and friends!  When two come together with the same purpose in mind and commit to serving the Father together, it is a joy and a blessing to see happen.  Praying for this new married couple to have blessing upon blessing in their life together.

Dorsett and Friends Get Together

 It seems that too much time passes in between visits with family.  Since we've moved, we haven't had family over to see the changes we've made and make use of the openness that this house now has.  With Jonathon's Aunt Judi here from California, we decided now was a great time to invite his mom's side of the family over.  We missed seeing several of those that couldn't make it, but we still had a great time with the ones that were able to come.  Thank you all for making it a nice time to catch up with one another!

 Michael and Tara's, Bethany and Alyssa's, Mallorie!

 Grandpa Ron sure loves our girl!

 Was fun seeing the little ones interacting with the adults.  Even though we don't all see each other much, there is still love there!

And most are a little goofy, though you probably couldn't tell that from this picture.  :)