Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good Deal-E-O

Hey, I went shopping today at Walgreens and scored some great deals with getting register rewards back. Love freebies from stores. But I wanted to pass along a freebie that is $14.00 worth of freebie. I got a shampoo and conditioner of the Organix Coconut Milk. The bottles had a Try Me Free tag AND Walgreens had a Buy One Get One Free sale. So, I did the Walgreens sale of buy one get one free and will mail in my receipt along with the rebate form to get my money back for the one that I did buy. Love those kinds of deals! Let me know if your Walgreens is having the sale and if their bottles have the Try Me Free tags.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Spring!!!!

Well, it is finally getting warm, things are greening up around here, and we wanted to share with you what our view is here at our house. Oh, and Benaiah is officially crawling, so we are busy around here keeping our eyes on him and keeping things picked up. What a task!

This is the first that it clicked with Benaiah and the crawling milestone. He is pretty happy about being able to get around.

Welcome to our front flower bed. Right now, there aren't too many flowers in the garden...just a few here and there, but the trees are looking mighty fine. Usually we only get to enjoy these for a day and then a big wind storm comes in and blows the flowers all away. We are really enjoying it this year!

Here is one of the few flowers blooming in our front flower bed. It seems before I can see one all pretty, one of the girls finds it and picks it. This one I caught first though. :)

Jonathon has done an amazing job at trimming this tree so it has this amazing arch over our path to the shed. And since the winds in the past usually blow away the beauty, I thought I better get a quick picture of it with the children.

Love these three! They make the tree look especially beautiful.

The girls smelling the fragrance of our weeping cherry tree.

The children surprised me by showing me this little bush to the east of our house. It is a rhododendron and is looking like it also is enjoying this warmer weather.

The children are hesitant around the weeping cherry trees as they have lots of little visitors. I did finally get them convinced that they wouldn't bother them while they were getting their picture taken. I couldn't resist getting a close up shot of this bee. How amazing to watch it go from flower to flower doing what God created it to do.

That evening Jonathon and I were busy outside planning garden stuff and preparing to have an area started for wildflowers. I love cutting flowers for bouquets and if this area we are planning works, I will have a great assortment of flowers to cut. Maybe I can post pics after the flowers are up....hopefully. Anyways, Benaiah enjoyed the flowers too.

He would reach up and grab one flower and feel it in his hands. And notice his feet crossed? That's how he sits often. We are a little behind on getting seeds planted but hopefully that will happen soon. Last year my tulips didn't bloom. I was in the hospital and would have missed them anyways. I'm really wanting to see those bloom this year. Then it will be the crabapples turn to bloom. Will post pictures of that too. I missed that one too last year, but thankfully a lady from church came and took a picture of it on her phone and came to visit me and showed me the picture. My husband sure did choose some wonderful trees for our home when we did our landscaping. I love it!
If you have any lovely landcaping pictures on your blog, leave a comment with you blog address so we can all enjoy them too. Now I'm waiting for allergies to kick in. Missed those too last year from being in the hospital. Would rather have the allergies than go through that again. Blessing the Lord for those memories, His protection, and healing. Spring growth is so lovely!