Saturday, September 27, 2014

Feast of Trumpets 2014

After a rough ending to the day, we decided it would be best to finish up supper after reading a little bit about the Feast of Trumpets and then head to the park for some nature exploration and enjoyment.  We hadn't been to Delt Church Park all summer, so with this amazing weather, today was the day for it!  We first decided to hit the trails as they are new and we haven't explored them yet.  They are really, really nice trails.  

 Benaiah decided to try to climb this tree.  Yeah, there was poison ivy all over it.  I sure hope this isn't his first experience with it.

 We had to take a pit stop at the park.  It proved to be fun for everyone.  We all ventured down the biggest slide and tried out some of the other equipment.  It made for some really good laughs.

 This little peanut got pretty brave while she was exploring.

 Back to the trail.  We took a pit stop at one of the pavilions where the steps goes right down to the water.  I told them all to stay out of the water.  Someone was busted.  See the ripples in the water.  Yep, he stuck his foot in and whipped it out real quick when he saw me.  :)

Back at home, we enjoyed blowing the shofar on the hillside and then doing some more reading of Scripture and information pertaining to this feast, while we ate apple fritters.  Yummmm!

 It was such an enjoyable start to this feast, we just kept that feeling going right on into the next day.  We had a quiet morning, read more information to the children and discussed questions they had.  After gathering our food and everything we needed, we headed out to participate in a Mikvah service before ending the feast with friends, dancing, eating, and playing.

A Mikvah is similar to a baptism only it has many different reasons for the act of immersion.  It is a time to renew the heart and be cleansed of all things hindering walking the walk that God has called each person to walk.  Look it up for yourself and learn about it.  It's very interesting and refreshing.

  I loved seeing the fathers doing it along side of their children.  He blesses them, then they in turn bless him.  What a wonderful picture!

 Husbands and wives united in cleansing.

Fathers and sons.

Blowing the shofar to rejoice in the cleansing.

 We then sang the Shema and the shofars blew!

Back at the house, there was a feast of wonderful foods to be eaten.  This feast is always a special one and is made even more special by the chocolate fountain coming out.

 Everyone gathered on the porch for a special dance blessing that the young adults put together.

 A dance filled with rejoicing and blessing!

 There was a euchre competition, and one of the favorites is the shofar blowing competition.  The first group was 12 and under, with only 2 participants.  Our Benaiah was one of them.  We were so proud of him for going up there and taking part without being a distraction to what was going on.  He really blew that shofar loud!

 The judges decided that it was a tie and they both won.  They rejoiced with hugs!

Onto the adult category!  There was some good competition here!
 They were judged on loudest, most creative, and longest.  I'm not sure how some of them do it, but they sure made it an interesting and funny.

Onto the euchre tournament!

 There was fun for all ages.

Chocolate covered many things like strawberries, pretzels, pineapple, bugles, cherries, cookies, meatballs, coffee, chicken salad croissants, and veggie pizza.  Don't try the last one at home.  Not a good combination (according to the one who tried it all (Isaiah Danberry))

So much fun celebrating the Feasts of the Lord.  We are thankful that God lead us away from the traditional holidays and has shown us His Feasts and appointed times that we are to observe and rejoice in.  Nothing beats doing it just as He says to....or at least doing the best we can with the understanding that He has given us up to this point.  Praying and seeking for continual growth and understanding in all His ways.

As this feast is also the start of the new year for the jewish culture, we look forward to looking at our list of what we need to work on in our hearts and making this year an even better one of walking with Him.