Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's Day 2010 Photo Shoot

Father's Day 2010 was a busy day for us! We met up with my parents and grandparents at Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN for a picnic. Was a lovely day and it was nice to sit and visit. Then we headed to a near by log cabin pavilion to take some pictures. It's always a trick when you're using your own camera to get a good picture especially with a baby. Notice my hand out to my side. Well, I held onto a limb of dried leaves and shook them infront of Benaiah to get him to look forward, then last minute, I would drop the leaves, hoping that we caught him looking towards the camera. This was about our only good shot of him not looking behind us. It worked I guess.
Here we all are: Jonathon, Christi, Benaiah- 1 year, Josiah- 4, Diella- 6, Alegra- 8, my dad, Dan, my mom, Deb, and my grandparents (my dad's folks), Dean and Jeanette.

I don't think my granparents knew what they were in for because after pictures on our way back to the cars, they were quite tuckered out and ready to go home. They were great sports though and we captured some good moments.

My parents with the children. We had more parties to go to that day so we wasted some time at the nature center and then let the children play at the park for a bit before heading on to the next party.
My lovely little family. Who would have guessed that I would have been blessed so much by such great children and a wonderful husband! God sure is faithful even if we don't deserve it!

Hawaiian Pregnancy Celebration

We had a lovely Celebration for Bethany Hawkins who is due very soon to have a little babe. What a wonderfully colorful time we had during this Hawaiian themed party for her.
Food was very tropical with waflle bowls dipped in chocolate and covered in coconut. We put fruit dip in these and an umbrella to go along with all the fruit we served.

And here is our fruit display that really added a tropical touch. The ladies loved, we had fun putting it together, and the fruit was delicious!

Our table decor consisted of blue material, sand, shells, and a fish bowl with fish. Was perfect for the occassion. And we had beach balls hanging from the ceiling above each table.

We put together a cute diaper cake complete with sandals, sun glasses, and even a bath toy with palm trees on it and squirter fish.

The guest of honor standing by the fruit before the ladies dig into it and destroy our masterpiece.

Oh, what beautiful plates of food the ladies had. We served fruit, veggies, crackers w/pineapple cheese spread, meat wraps w/turkey, cheese, & olives, and big shells full of skittles.

While soaking her feet and during the lady's share time, Shalom joined Bethany for a little foot soaking of her own. Was too cute!

A couple families with babies got together and took pictures to make a little video for the couple but mostly for the dad to be. It was all about things to do and not to do with a baby. Turned out really good and the ladies of course got a good chuckle out of it.

Diella joined me for this Celebration and it was nice to spend the time with her in between me keeping the party hopping.

Me and Bethany before she left the party. Is always such an honor to plan and organize a party for the sisters at our fellowship who are entering a new phase of life. I am so blessed to serve them in this way!