Friday, June 28, 2013

Just a Day in the Life

This post was going to be all about our day today and the new addition to our farm.  But I have to first talk about the children's Pony Pal Club.  They had their first meeting with the members and had such a fun time.  Great memories they are creating in their childhood and on this farm.

 Onto the new addition on our farm.  Yesterday I was at my mom's for massages, and Jonathon text that we have a chick running around.  Woohoo!  I was so excited!  Well, that little chick fell out of the nesting box and the mama jumped down too to keep track of the busy little one.  That caused her though to leave the rest of the eggs.  We were hoping that one of the other hens would sit on them just long enough to give them the warmth they needed to come out, but so far no more chicks.  We are really sad about it, but are learning with this experience, and what we should do the next time we have a broody hen sitting on a clutch of eggs.  We are just super thankful for this one cutie of a chick. 

 She's sitting on the chick and ruffles up whenever another hen gets too close. 

 This chick got in the worst predicaments the very first day of his/her life.  That mama sure has been faithful, staying close and protecting her new baby.

 Giving some lessons to the chick.  It's so fun to watch!  I just wonder how it would have been if she had more than one little chick to teach and keep gathered under her wings.  (this photo courtesy of Diella)
We gave this chick a name already.  I mentioned about whether it was a rooster or hen and one of the children said something about it being a her or a she.  Haha, so we named it "Hershey".  And they thought it would be fitting for the mama to be called "Fudge".  So, we have Fudge and Hershey. 

 Since I often find myself too busy for lunch, sometimes we just wing it and have something small.  Today we all had strawberry smoothies with a touch of vanilla and plain yogurt.  Delicious and satisfying to all.

 This spinach has been harvested, cleaned, and bagged up for the freezer.  We should have enough for the winter.  More seeds have been planted, so what grows next will be eaten fresh or sold in our produce cart. 

 My parents have an anniversary coming up in August, but we'll be doing a small get together mid July for them.  Trying to get ahead of the planning a little and baked some cookies today for the celebration.  I used
some cookie cutters that were my grandma Murphy's.  I thought it would make them extra special, and the shape goes perfectly with the theme we'll be doing.  Any guesses?

So, after keeping track of the new little addition and doing some gardening stuff and kitchen stuff, it was time for supper.  I rang the dinner bell outside the back door and nobody came running.  Saphira and I headed out the door to see where everybody was.  The children were out in the barn playing in the new play house that their dad built for them, and Jonathon was down in the field with his tractor cleaning up some trees.  Then he had a visitor, a cousin from around the corner, stop for a chat.  I sent Diella down to tell her dad that supper was ready and after seeing the men, tractors, and their boys in the field, I thought I should take a picture.  This is one reason we love living here so much.  Family all around isn't always welcome in some families, but here, we delight in having unexpected visitors just stop by for a short chat.  We have also rode our bikes and stopped by to see animals or other cousins with their animals practicing for fair.  We stay busy here with stuff around the farm, but we also take time for leisure visits with family and friends. 

 Two cousins, their boys, and their tractors. : )
Diella decided to take a walk and do some photographing of the scenery around her.  She took some great pictures!

 While Jonathon cleaned up a tree in the fence row, the girls and I worked at getting the pile of wood in the barn stacked.  Well, this picture clearly shows how much help I got.  Diella is taking pictures, Saphira, well, she isn't much help yet, and look at Alegra's face with that cat.  Can't help much with an arm full of cat. 

 Those boys are becoming good strong helpers to their dad.  It's a joy to watch them work together, then enjoy the ride on the tractor back up to the house.

And then there is this little cutie!  She is so precious! 
We had a scary moment with her this week where she choked on a piece of plastic.  I've never been so scared with one of my children.  When I realized that she wasn't breathing and that her face was blue, I yelled at Alegra (who was the only one in the house at the time) to pray for her, and I just kept doing what I could, of which nothing helped.  Finally (probably the hand of the Almighty pushing it down) she started breathing again, and the color came back to her face.  Sometimes He just wants us to cry out to Him.  I was crying out that's for sure, and then I did a good share of crying and thanking Him after too!  I bless Him for this little girl.  She has started to call the kitties.  It's so cute!  And this morning she told Aunt Mimi "Bye", and then said it several times throughout the day.  She's just getting way too big and it's so much fun!

We had some wonderful rains this week and are thankful the ground is staying wet.  Some areas of our garden are almost too wet.  We've harvested spinach, a couple kinds of lettuce and are very close to Alegra getting to eat from her cherry tomato plant.  There is always weeding to do.  We are all looking forward to when we get the garden all mulched and the weeding will be much less then.  There's always work around here, but we're enjoying working with each other and staying active.  

Tonight we finished our work, then had some dessert with some special blessings by Jonathon over all of us.  The children enjoy the blessings he prays over them.  It's a special time.  Tonight Benaiah decided that he wanted to pray a blessing on everyone, so he walked around the table and put his hands on each person and prayed for them.  I couldn't help but tear up when my little son stood behind me, with his hands on my shoulders, and prayed a sweet prayer over me.  I'm not sure what he said, but I know it was from his heart and it sure touched mine.  I pray that they see an example in us that will lead them to choose to walk in the ways of the Lord.  

Feeling blessed.  Thankful for our new little chick.  Thankful for health to be able to work so hard.  Thankful for all of the family all around us.  Thankful for Yahweh's hand upon Saphira that protected her from serious harm.  Thankful for my little family.  Thankful for this Sabbath day to wind down and rest in Him.  Aaahhhhh, time to relax, read, sing, and get rejuvenated for the next week.  What a delight to serve HIM!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Small Time and Big Time Farming

Our days have been full of garden, garden, garden.  Everything is planted except for maybe some late corn, beans and lettuce.  We'll do that in the next week or so.  Now, we are mulching like crazies.  This small field of a garden is quite the task.  Good thing I enjoy gardening or it would be one weedy mess.  We take one row at a time and one shovel at a time so it isn't quite such a daunting task.  Tonight we really got a lot of mulching done until......

 .....the big tractor came.
My main help was gone in a heart beat. 
 I'm so glad that he is able and willing to be a servant.  And maybe this will quench that thirst he has for farming.  Or maybe it will just wet his pallet more.  The children and I worked in our garden and watched the big time farming going on right beside us.  I really do love this life!

 This baby adores her Aunt Mimi.

 What a gorgeous evening to all be out working! 
Looks like we have a whole lot more mulching to do.  : )
One full wagon of hay.  One man needing a shower just came in the house, but is acting like all his dreams just came true.  : )  I'm so glad he can be back in his roots, helping others, and enjoying this life of farming both big time and in our small produce patch.  I do believe he said it's time for ice cream!  Better run!
I hope you are all enjoying the summer as much as we are!