Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Small Time and Big Time Farming

Our days have been full of garden, garden, garden.  Everything is planted except for maybe some late corn, beans and lettuce.  We'll do that in the next week or so.  Now, we are mulching like crazies.  This small field of a garden is quite the task.  Good thing I enjoy gardening or it would be one weedy mess.  We take one row at a time and one shovel at a time so it isn't quite such a daunting task.  Tonight we really got a lot of mulching done until......

 .....the big tractor came.
My main help was gone in a heart beat. 
 I'm so glad that he is able and willing to be a servant.  And maybe this will quench that thirst he has for farming.  Or maybe it will just wet his pallet more.  The children and I worked in our garden and watched the big time farming going on right beside us.  I really do love this life!

 This baby adores her Aunt Mimi.

 What a gorgeous evening to all be out working! 
Looks like we have a whole lot more mulching to do.  : )
One full wagon of hay.  One man needing a shower just came in the house, but is acting like all his dreams just came true.  : )  I'm so glad he can be back in his roots, helping others, and enjoying this life of farming both big time and in our small produce patch.  I do believe he said it's time for ice cream!  Better run!
I hope you are all enjoying the summer as much as we are!