Sunday, October 5, 2008

September Field Trip

Well, we missed our first planned field trip in September to Bonneyville Mill's Celebration due to the rain from the hurricane in Texas, but thanks to another lady stepping up and wanting to host one, we had a great day and lots of fun.
We went up to Parma, MI back in the woods and had lunch, a hay ride, climbed dirt walls, played in the water, and just had fun enjoying nature and each other. Well, maybe I should clarify that "we" didn't do it all, it was mostly the children. Here are some fun pics. from it.

A little climbing action is always fun! They did great, even Josiah braved it and got to the top....with just a little help.
The water was wonderful, with a stream and small falls over rocks. Just beautitul and a great exploration place for the children. Did I mention that Josiah is all boy?!! Some of the older boys made swords, and though it was quite cute seeing the little boys sword fighting, one did get hurt right before it was time to go. What's some good woodsy fun without a homemade sword and fight, right?

And we all enjoyed a great hay ride, complete with stopping and getting gum balls. The sun was so warm, the sky blue, and what a blessing of a day before the cold set in.