Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Topsy Turvey Cake- Activity #1

We did our first project today, but wasn't very kid friendly. My children are younger, but if you have older ones, then this could definitely be fun for them as they could be creative with how to decorate it.
We started by covering a piece of sturdy cardboard to hold the cake. We covered it with wrapping paper that would go with the colors we wanted to use.

First, we stacked the cakes and cut them to be topsy turvey. A little tricky. We did put frosting between each layer to help hold it together.

The top should have also been a circle, but we made it a square and made it work. I wasn't completely happy with the end result, but it turned out okay. We did put a dowel rod down the middle just to keep it a little more stable.

Next we frosted the whole thing, making sure it was all smooth.

Then we decorated it. We went with polka dots on the bottom, ribbon around the middle, and pretty squigglies on the top layer with fake flowers as the topper. We went with pink and purple for the colors. There are a myriad of ideas when doing these kinds of cakes. Your children can use different kinds of candies like suckers or peppermints or M&Ms to decorate. They can put shapes all over it with frosting or write words in frosting all over it. Let children be creative and have fun with a topsy turvey cake. We may have another cake idea when Diella's birthday comes the end of this month.
Well, the birthday girl liked it anyways, and it was fun to surprise her at school and sit and watch school lessons for a little bit. We made it to their house to hold babies too. They are growing and are now over 10lbs and are identical. What little blessings! They are doing so well. That completes our first activity. More to come in the following weeks. Remember, drop us a comment if you are joining us.