Monday, January 4, 2010

Grandparent's Annual Party- Transportation Celebration

Every year since we have homeschooled we do a theme unit study the first half of the school year and then we have a party with the grandparents where the children can show them all their projects that relate to the theme, and they do a little program.

Our only guests were Grandpa Dan and Grandma Deborah because of bad roads. I didn't get much accomplished for this party as things have been pretty crazy around here the last month, but it was nice and small. We did decide to do another one in the spring so everyone can make it.

For lunch we had "Submarine" sandwiches, veggies sticks, cottage cheese and smoothies. We also had homemade "Car"amel Corn and Nut Clusters. I always try to have food that is theme related too, but this year was a little difficult coming up with something, but it worked and was delicious nonetheless.

Then onto the program. Alegra read a tractor book that even made sounds (Benaiah really liked this book).

Then they all three memorized a long poem and recited it. We recorded it after a couple tries.

Then Grandpa Dan shared. We alwasy ask the grandparents to bring something related to the theme that they can share with the children. He shared about dog sleds. Was very good and kept everyone's attention.

Grandma shared about snow shoes, camels, and other things. Was interesting looking at the pictures she brought along for them to see.

And of course we had to get the picture of the children with their guests. Now with Benaiah makes it more complete.
Now we are going to start studying farms. And hopefully by spring, the children will learn how important it is to work and how we can benefit from working outside, especially in the garden. The goal is to have great little helpers in the garden this year, so we will see if our farm unit will help with that.